Cappella Catharinae is the oldest, biggest and most senior choir in the Katarina parish in Stockholm. The choir was founded in 1969 and has an extensive and vital repertoire, including the great classical masters, Swedish traditional choir lyrics and modern composers such as Tomas Jennefelt and Johannes Johansson. Look further below.

Since 2007 our conductor is Hans Vainikainen, who has received several awards for his skills. More information on Hans Vainikainen can be found below


Besides performing at regular church services, the choir regularly gives public concerts, as well as for companies that wish to provide an activity for their clients and staff. Look into our calendar for upcoming events. Send an e-mail to marknad@cappella.se if you want to get in touch in concert matters.  For other matters please e-mail ordf@cappella.se


From time to time we also make longer concert trips and are happy to connect with choirs in other parts of the world. So far we have visited countries in Europe, North America, South East Asia and Africa. We look forward to making further trips. The next trip will be to South Korea in May 2014.

Our conductor

Hans Vainikainen is one of the choir leaders and organists in the parish, who has lead the choir since 2007. A successful musician and conductor, he develops the music into new dimensions. In spite of his youth, he was selected for the Swedish Conductors’ Award in 2005.


Besides Cappella Catharinae, Hans Vainikainen is also in charge of Katarina Kammarkör, which is a chamber choir in the parish, as well as the Katarina Girls’ Choir, with girls in their teens, who highly qualified often move on to the other choirs in the parish.

Hans graduated with organist and conductor degrees from the Royal Musical College in Stockholm, including studies for Jorma Panula, Eric Ericsson, Cecilia Rydinger Alin, Alan Gilbert and Paul Mägi. As a freelance conductor, Hans has worked with several professional orchestras and choirs in Sweden.

Cappella Catharinae was founded in 1969 by Music Director Lars-Ewe Nilsson, cantor in the Katarina parish, who led the choir until retiring 2007. Lars-Ewe was instrumental in building the musical activities and the choirs in the Katarina parish to one of the most significant in Sweden.

The goal is to move and to touch… Says Hans Vainikainen:

My experience is that the common denominator of all music groups is an urge to develop. A chorus is unusual in being a totally flat structure, where the singers sit next to each other - not in front or behind! Each singer is, so to speak, both his or her own boss and a piece in a large puzzle.


My primary task as conductor is to continuously highlight precisely these two aspects, i.e. to encourage personal initiatives, motivation and development, while reminding all singers that their mindset should be on the final product - the sound! With all of this in place, the focus will be on the music, without fear of making mistakes or technical obstacles. Then it is almost impossible not to reach the audience, irrespective of repertoire or context. And that’s the goal of what we do - to move and to touch! 



Katarina Church, 31 December, at 15, J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratory part IV-VI
Katarina Church, 25 , at 15, J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratory part I-III
Katarina Church, 28, 29November, at 15 and 18, Advent concerts

Stockholm Concert Hall, 15 October at 19 and 17 October at 15, Tonsättarfestival Systrarna Boulanger

Folkoperan, 23, 24 October, W.A. Mozart, Requiem

Lids Church, 1 augusti, Summer concert

Liljevalchs konsthall, 6 June. Concert with Bach theme

Katarina Church, 31 maj, Katarina Church, 2 June, Feast of the Flowers (traditional family gathering with all choirs in the parish celebrating the arrival or summer)

Stockholm Concert Hall, 8 June at 20 and 9 June at 15, Sagas Orchestral Fantasy Music

Katarina Church, 19, 23 april, Vår kyrka brann... choir concert

Katarina Church, 21, 22 mars, G. Mahler, Symfoni nr 3



Katarina Church, 31 December, at 15, J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratory part IV-VI
Katarina Church, 25 , at 15, J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratory part I-III
Katarina Church, 29, 30 November, at 15 and 18, Advent concerts

Katarina kyrka, 2 November at 16, J. Brahms, Ein deutsches requiem

Uppsala Cathedral, 5 September at 18:30, G. Mahler,Symphony No. 2 

Lid Church, 10 August, Summer concert 

Katarina Church, 25 May, Feast of the Flowers

Seoul, South Korea, 24 april - 3 may, tour. Read more.

Katarina kyrka, 9 april, kl 16, Cappella sings a cappella





Katarina Church, 31 December, at 15:00, J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratory part IV-VI
Katarina Church, 25 , 15, J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratory part I-III
Katarina Church, 30 November, 1 December, at 15:00 and 18:00, Advent concerts
Katarina Church, 3 November at 18:00, W.A. Mozart, Requiem
Folkoperan, 18,19, 25, 26 October, C. Orff, Carmina Burana
Stockholm Concert Hall, 17, 19 October, R. Vaughan-Williams, A Sea Symphony, "Symphony No. 1"
Katarina Church, 9 September, Memorial concert for Anna Lindh
Lid Church, 10 August, Summer concert 

Katarina Church, 2 June, Feast of the Flowers (traditional family gathering with all choirs in the parish celebrating the arrival or summer)

Katarina Church, 21 April, B. Britten, Rejoice in the Lamb, Saint Nicolas

Katarina Church, 23, 24 March, G. Mahler,Symphony No. 2 




Katarina Church, 31 December, at 15, J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratory part IV-VI
Katarina Church, 25 December, at 15, J.S. Bach, Christmas Oratory part I-III
Katarina Church, 26, 27 November, at 15 and 18, Advent concerts
Folkoperan, 16, 21, 23 November, C. Orff. Carmina Burana
Katarina Church, 1 September, G.F. Handel, Messias
Stockholm Concert Hall, 9 June, Symphonic Fantasies Stockholm
Katarina Church, 3 June, Feast of the Flowers
Katarina Church, 6 April, G. Fauré, Requiem in D minor op. 48
Katarina Church, 10, 11 March, G. Mahler, Symphony No. 8 




Stora Kopparberg Church, Falun
Works by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Sven-David Sandström, Sergei Rachmaninov. The choir of Stora Kopparberg Church and Cappella Catharinae

Katarina Church
Johannes Brahms: Schicksalslied
Duke Ellington: Sacred Concert

Lars Erik Larsson: Förklädd Gud (Disguised God)

Mahler: Symphony no. 8

Mozart: Requiem
Jean Sibelius: Symphony no. 7, Snöfrid

Lid Church
Summer Sabbath music



Stockholm Concert Hall
Gustav Mahler: Symphony no. 8. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor: Sakari Oramo. Together with Eric Ericsson’s Chamber Choir, Mikaeli Chamber Choir, and others

Katarina Church

Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratory, St Matthew Passion, Mass in b minor

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 9, An die Freude

Johannes Brahms: Requiem

Gabriel Fauré: Requiem

Duke Ellington: Sacred Concert

Georg Friedrich Handel: Messiah, Saul

Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Requiem

Otto Olsson, Latin Hymns and others

Sergei Rachmaninov: St Mary vesper

Guiseppi Verdi: Requiem


Lyrical Swedish choir works by Hugo Alvén, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Ture Rangström, Johannes Johansson and poems by Tomas Tranströmers
Sven-David Sandström
Jan Sandström
Norman Luboff
Lyrical Scandinavian choir works
Traditional Advent music from all over the world

Lid Church (southeast of Stockholm)
Summer Sabbath music every summer since 2004 

Sponsor concerts

In addition to the regular choir programme, we also arrange tailored company concerts in the Katarina Church. These are often provided by the companies for their customers before Christmas, but may also be part of a company anniversary. If desired, we also invite guest artists. Several companies provide annual Christmas concerts that are highly appreciated by their customers as well as their staff. These sponsor concerts include companies like Avanza, SEB, OMX, Carat, Vodaphone and Telenor. Some of the artists we have worked with are Carola, Peter Jöback, Helen Sjöholm and Louise Hoffsten.

Trips with the choir

Over the years, Cappella Catharinae has undertaken a long series of concert trips in all directions on the Globe, domestically as well as to other continents. In general, we make a trip every second year, trips that in the main are financed via our sponsor concerts. Members in the choir take care of all practical arrangements related to the trips.

2014 Seoul, South Korea, in co-operation with the Swedish Embassy in Seoul and the South Korean Embassy in Stockholm
2011 France on invitation from the Swedish Embassy in Paris
2011 Tour in the Swedish province of Dalcarlia
2010    France, with concerts in Nice and Valberg
2006    South Africa, where we sang in Cape Town, Simonstown, Franschhoek and in the Khayelitsha township
2003    Vietnam, with concerts in Hanoi and Halong Bay
2001    Austria, with concerts in Vienna, Salzburg and in the charming little village St. Wolfgang
1999    Italy, with concerts in Florence, Vallegio, Siena and Rome
1997    USA, where we sang in many different churches during a coach through the ‘Swedish’ districts between Chicago and Minneapolis
1995    England, with concerts in London and Nutfield


From time to time we travel in Sweden as well, recently paying visits to the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, to the city of Falun in central Sweden and we regularly give summer concerts in Lid Church in Södermanland, in southeast Sweden.

We have some particularly fond memories of these concerts:

At the Opera in Hanoi we performed together with the Hanoi Opera Choir and Orchestra, singing Lars-Erik Larsson’s Förklädd Gud (Disguised God) with the Opera Choir attempting to sing in Swedish, while  we tried singing in Vietnamese in some of their special songs.
In Simonstown (South Africa) we presented a mixed programme to a highly appreciative audience, which then invited us to a late supper party.

In the little village of Vallegio in northern Italy we met with standing ovations and cheers after our concert.

Music and Pictures

Get a taste of our sound under the tab Lyssna and find pictures from concerts and rehersals under the tab Bilder.




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Hans Vainikainen conductor of Cappella Catharine